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Club Administrator

Marist is looking for a Club Administrator.
The role will part time 20 hours a week.
If you are interested then please see the attached Job Description. 

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We are sure there are parents out there who are happy to contribute and parents who have skills that the committee does not have.  We are looking for a small amount of time where you can contribute to the development of the Marist Water Polo Club
Below are the areas your committee are looking for help
If you think you can or know someone who might be able to help we would be very happy to discuss with you and answer any questions or queries
Please get in touch
Fred (021 079 1931 [email protected]) or
Howard (0275 667 626 [email protected])
Financial Controller
We have a dedicated Treasurer who looks after the cash receipts and payments within the club. Currently we are looking for an accountant or accountancy student who can help us set up MYOB and move the accounts to MYOB. We have a very simple chart of accounts so the work is small




Marist National League Coordinator



posted: 6th Nov 2012
for: 2013 Season


The club is looking for a shining star to help coordinate its National League Home games. This job is not that difficult and would suit someone that wants to help out, likes to be involved with lesser stars (our top athletes), you will not need to get wet and it’s up to you whether you wear the tight swimwear or not.


You will need to be a good organiser and enjoy running parties… no no I mean events!


Some of the things that you will need to keep an eye on:


Pre Game
Provide Team List to Host Club (away games)
Provide Game Programme (home team)
Game Announcement / Publicity
Ensure (qualified) table Duty and Goal Judges
Prepare National League Game Sheet
Preform the  pre game haka
Organise Announcement  Sound System


Equipment Check
Check that the pool is set up correctly
Team benches
Time Out Horns (spare)
Table Duty Desk & Chairs
    Game Sheet
    Flags (White/Blue/Red/Yellow)
Goal Judges Stations (chair & ball basket)
Game Balls (Waterfly x5)


Timing Equipment
Shot Clock
Score Board
Foul Board
(back Up Clocks / Shot Clock)


During Game
Check Pool Deck is clear
Water for Officials
Lead Marist Cheer Squad


Post Game
Communicate Results to NZWP  


Remuneration – free entry to all home Marist Magic Home games


If you are interested then please email marist
we’d love to hear from you!


Marist Equipment Officer



posted: 6th Nov 2012
for: 2013 Season


The club is looking for someone that is a good logistics organiser, enjoys finding stuff (missing balls). Solving puzzles (where’s the number 9 cap for this set gone) has some spare space at home or in garage (to be advised to successful applicant) and is full of air or has a ball pump.

Some of the things that you will need to keep an eye on:

Be responsible for safe keep and storage of all Club equipment

Ensure that all club teams have before their season begins
    - Full set of caps & holders
    - Set of Balls & bag


Ensure that all equipment is returned once the program is completed


Provide equipment stock take for auditor when required


Prepare new equipment requirements when funding comes available

If you are interested then please email marist

we’d love to hear from you!


Accountant or Accountancy student wanted for Financial Controller



posted: July 2012
for: Still Looking


Want to help contribute to the success of Marist Waterpolo

Marist is a growing club and the number of teams and events it participates in continues to expand

We have a group of passionate people already supporting the Marist club and survey results tell us we have a wide range of people who are willing and able to contribute to the club in a variety of small ways

We have identified a great opportunity for someone who wants to contribute some time to the club in the form of a part time Financial Controller.

This could be an existing accountant, someone who has been an accountant in the past, or a tertiary student studying accounting, who wants some valuable practical experience.

Marist has a Treasurer who does a great job with managing the receipts and payments within the club and is involved in the annual budgeting activities.

We want to complement the Treasurers role with someone who can prepare simple Profit & Loss Statements using our accounting package and prepare the annual accounts for audit.

The time commitment is not large and centres on a monthly Marist Executive meeting 10 times a year plus the setting of budgets.

You will be backed and supported by an experienced group involved with Marist in a variety of roles, who can provide you with the direction and assistance as needed.

This is a part of a process where we are trying to improve our governance and financial reporting as the club grows and the level of financial accountability increases.

If you are interested or if you know someone who might be keen, we would love to hear from you.

If you want to know more, please feel free to call/email Howard Lewis or Deryn Hargraves and we would be happy to explain more about what we are looking for.

Marist Waterpolo

Howard Lewis            email or 0275 67 626
Deryn Hargraves        email or 0272 520 995



Volunteers are always Needed

WE NEED YOU! Register as a VOLUNTEER Now!

We need people who are willing to roll their sleeves up and get involved for the benefit of all our club members. Volunteers required for these behind-the-scenes tasks that are essential to the smooth running of our club.

Be the difference in 2011 and volunteer.

Roles include: Age Group Coordinators; Team Managers; Uniform Coordinator/s; Gear/Equipment Distributor; Game Day Pool Setter Uppers; Game Officials (Table Duty); Game Day Photographer; Game Day Reporters; Fundraisers; Social Event Coordinators; Rent A Crowd...

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